Black Angus Beef

Item Description Price/Lb.
Ground Beef 100% Black Angus $6.00
Chuck Steak 100% Black Angus $9.00
Rib Steak 100% Black Angus $18.00
Flank Steak 100% Black Angus $16.00
Porterhouse 100% Black Angus $19.00
Sirlion 100% Black Angus $15.00
London Broil 100% Black Angus $10.00
Top Round Roast 100% Black Angus $6.00
Bottom Round Roast 100% Black Angus $6.00
Stew Meat 100% Black Angus $8.00


Item Description Price/Lb.
Pork Chops $10.00
Sausage Hot and Sweet sausage available $9.00
Fresh Shoulder and Butt Roast $8.00
Bacon $12.00
Ribs $8.00
Fresh Ham $8.00


Item Description Price/Lb.
Eggs Dozen of fresh free range chicken eggs $4.00
Chicken Sold in whole or halves $5.00

Fruits & Vegetables

Item Description Price/Lb.
Peppers $0.50
Squash $0.75
Radishes $1.00
White Radishes $0.25
Eggplant $1.00
Cucumbers $0.75
Cherry Tomatoes 10 for $1 $1.00
Tomatoes $0.50
Lettuce $1.00

Locally Canned Items

Item Description Price
Three Pepper Lemon Jelly $6.00
Black Raspberry Preserves $10.00
Red Raspberry Preserves $8.00
Blueberry Preserves $8.00
Cherry Preserves $8.00
Damson Plum Preserves $6.00
Strawberry Preserves $7.00
Fig Preserves with Cinnamon $6.00
Apple Butter $6.00
Cranberry Orange Marmalade $6.00
Apple Sauce $6.00
Spiced Pears $12.00
Vanilla Peaches $12.00
Spiced Peaches $12.00
Four Bean Salad $7.00
Vidalia Peach Salsa $6.00
Strawberry-Jalapeno BBQ Sauce $6.00
Piccalilli $7.00
Bread & Butter Chip Pickles $7.00
Hot Pepper Relish $8.00
Sweet Fire Pickles $8.00
Pickled Beet Balls $7.00
Sweet Pepper Relish $8.00
Three Pepper Medley $6.00
Hot Banana Pepper $5.00
Pickled Asparagus $10.00
1lbs Raw Honey $8.00
2lbs Raw Honey $13.00
5lbs Raw Honey $25.00
Cream Honey Use as a spread or to dip in $14.00

Baked Goods

Item Description Price
Pea Soup $5.00
Chili $6.00


Item Description Price
Fire Wood Bundles $5.00
Turkey Pre order you thanksgiving turkey now! $5 per lbs. Put down a $30 deposit to reserve yours! $5.00


Item Description Price
Bowl Cozzies Microwave safe! Set your bowl on cozzie, put in microwave, turn on and you wont burn your hands on a hot bowl! $6.00

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