Welcome to Sky Acres Angus


Open Monday through Friday 8:30am-3pm Saturday 9am-4pm. We are closed Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years and Easter. A family run farm of registered angus, established in 1993. When we started this farm, the object was to put food onto our dinner table, and as a 4-H adventure for our children. Our starting matriarch was RF Barbara 173. She gave our family great pleasure and many calves for a variety of purposes. She became part of our family. (And I know many farmers will agree with that)

In the year 2011, part of the 21st century mentality has asked that farmers rethink their ways. So with the time of conservation and efficiency we have expanded our herd with low-line angus, a.k.a. mini angus. You get the same from this breed, as you do their larger counterpart, just in a compact package. Therefore creating less waste. The taste and marbling are the same.

Sky Acres Angus farm has also ventured into Gloucestershire Old Spot pigs. They're quite rare in the United States. They originated in Gloucestershire, England. They have a very fine carcass and produce top quality meat. The biggest single factor in the regeneration of the old spot is the increasing awareness of the eatting qualities of this product. So make NO mistake in assuming that pork is just pork. There is a great difference in flavor from traditional breeds such as old spot vs. today's modern hybrids used for mass market.

Sky Acres Angus farm also is dabbling in lamb. We have a fine selection of hair sheep. We breed Dorper and Katahdin's. They are easy doing meat sheep. This little entity of SAA is for my grandson, he appears to be the shepard in this family. He tends to his flock with a gentle hand.

Sky Acres Angus livestock are all naturally fed. They eat from our land, all hay comes from local farmers. There are NO hormones or antibiotics used for growth stimulation. Everything here is allowed to mature at their natural pace. All our animals are hand selected and raised. They go on our table everyday, and deserve nothing but the best.

My wife's motto is...."if you give your animals the best of yourself, they in return will give you the very best of them".

Ray Wendover